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IHM casetaking Seminars. What do we teach? 4 day seminars for joining the IHM Register.

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An I.H.M. case taking seminar is focused on two things.

#1 Examining the directives of Hahnemann

#2 Putting them into practice with the patient.

In the 21st century, Homoeopathy as a therapy has moved away from its scientifically rooted origins, and turned into a quasi-psychological/spiritual practice. The benefits of homoeopathy have been reduced by an incorrect application of the methodology in the clinic and thus a high success rate is negated.

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It is our experience that the key to a successful practice is the act of following Hahnemann’s directions precisely in ascertaining the symptoms of the disease, to match with the requisite substance that can produce a curative reaction. It is that simple and that difficult.

In the first tentative moments of using homoeopathy, for example Arnica for bruising, and being amazed at the results, most of us thought the application of applying a remedy for a condition was amazingly simple and truly effective, and as we applied other remedies for other acute conditions, our faith grew in the system.

Then when we entered medical school or an establishment for teaching, we found that the approach we started with suddenly became a little more difficult for chronic cases, and a Kentian overlay on Hahnemann’s directions, introduced a religious/philosophical element regarding life and viewpoints of disease.

The I.H.M. directors, beginning in 1986, with a background in Kentian homoeopathy, decided to devote time to research, and as such delved deep into the archives of history and collated the original teaching of Hahnemann, and weighed everything that is ‘accepted’ in our therapy against Hahnemanns own words and examples to see if we strayed off the path, or indeed if we missed some key points in practice.



The teachers at the I.H.M. are all are independent practitioners with their own practice and teaching faculties. Yet we all share the same core research and information distribution in individual ways.

We offer a four day special seminar aimed specifically at advanced students and practitioners. This seminar will examine the basis of case taking according to Hahnemann, and how to follow his methodology exactly, and in the process, removing all the incorrect additions that have been added over the years from practitioners of his time until today. Successful completion and undertnding of this program, can lead to being invited to join the IHM Register. This is an intensive course and utilizes the Therapeutic Pocket Book as its root repertory. For those who wish to purchase the SYNOPSIS computer repertory, we offer a huge discount to attendees. The book repertory can be purchasd for 50% off retail for seminar attendees also.



We will cover the following.

  • Rationale and reasoning on Aphorisms §5 and §6. Eliminating the common mistakes that lose the case understanding.
  • Utilising the instruction of §153 with the completed case taken with §6 directions.
  • What is a prescribing symptom?
  • What to ignore in a case taking and why.
  • Do we treat the man or the disease?
  • Examining the theory of Miasms in the light of modern disease knowledge, and how useful are miasms in prescribing?
  • How to obtain the necessary information accurately to formulate a prescription in the shortest time possible.
  • The importance of using only well proved remedies.
  • How to read a remedy.
  • Are there keynotes in a remedy?
  • Which repertory to use?
  • How to use a repertory properly.
  • Case management.
  • Potency and how to give a remedy.
  • Repetition of remedies.
  • And much more. Much more includes questions like, how important is Herings law of cure? Ive never seen it… How long can I keep a person on a remedy? Dry dosing vs water dosing.
  • We will be examining remedy action through cases, live and paper.

The minimum number of practitioners we will take is two. Maximum is 10. We like the Seminar to be completely interactive and as such the small numbers allow for personalised teaching.

The Seminars will be conducted in Eastbourne East Sussex at our Headquarters.

Teaching Seminar, Mallorca, End of 2013

hero3-e3ec413d-c2fc-4fa6-90dd-546ad6751ef2UPDATE: The June dates are now not available for further participants. Sorry to disappoint.


We are looking at a final 2013 date for September October or November depending on numbers and requirements. The minimum attendees for the end of the year is 8 and maximum is 50. As soon as we know the approx numbers we can book the appropriate venue for the Seminar.

Many people visiting the island, book a week or two weeks holiday with their family and then attend the function and still have time for relaxation and a rest after.


The language the seminar will be conducted in will be English. We will be presenting many case examples and presentations to show Hahnemanns methodology.


After several private training sessions with solo practitioners, We have decided to offer a group training in the Hahnemannian/Boenninghausen methodology, which is the most successful application of the therapy in the world.

P & W have researched the works of Boenninghausen and Hahnemann for over 11 years, and have produced a computerised repertory in 4 languages based on the original 1846 German edition, which has been meticulously corrected and completely retranslated in the English, Spanish and Hebrew languages. The work, which took 4 years to complete, uses the original layout of Boenninghausen, and therefor is familiar to students who use Allens version. Each rubric has been carefully checked for language meaning in the 18th/19th century, and amended carefully to represent the original intent of the author for description of a disease or eruption or location.

Modern students of homoeopathy have not been exposed to the accuracy of this repertory. Once the key symptoms are noted, the choices of medicines are indicated with absolute certainty, and a brief read of the Materia Medica will determine the final choice for prescription.

The repertory is easy to use. The methodology takes a little practice.  We have honed a practitioner training course to 3 days, from which the basics and methodology will be fully inculcated in the receptive physician.

The teaching will include the following points among many others:

  • What we are looking for in disease.(According to Hahnemann)
  • What symptoms are important.
  • How to isolate key symptoms.
  • How to find the pivotal symptoms in totality.
  • What totality means.
  • How to track the disease/medicinal progress and when to change medicine.
  • How to evaluate progress
  • When to repeat a dose
  • When to wait on a dose, and why.
  • When to finish treatment
  • How to use the repertory with confidence.
  • How to reduce consultation times by getting the necessary prescribing information quickly, and eliminating the spurious questions.
  • How to use the Materia Medica.

A 3 day Seminar is being planned for the latter end of the year (2013) to be held in Mallorca. The location was chosen for ease of access for European attendees, and relative inexpensiveness of accommodation.

The Seminar cost, depending on numbers, will include Water, Tea and Coffee.

All meals, travel costs, accommodation etc, is the responsibility of the student. We estimate that Seminar costs for 3 days will be in the region of €450-€500 depending on numbers. Depending on numbers, we will try and keep the Seminar in the Palma region for ease of getting to.

Example costs to the Island. A week in Mallorca in October can be as low as €250 including flights

If you are interested in the Seminar, Please drop an email to seminars@garyweaver.org

More details will follow in due course.