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What is the Institute for Homoeopathic Medicine and what is its role?


The I.H.M. is a teaching organization (founded 1986) that strives to impart the methodology of medical practice as devised by Samuel Hahnemann through original source material.

The members and graduates of the I.H.M. teaching colleges and seminars, have been trained and grounded in the basic tenets of homoeopathic medicine, to the standards of its founder and his approved colleagues of his time.

For the last 40 years, homoeopathy as taught in most mainstream colleges , has been remiss in outlining the  methodology as described and explained by Samuel Hahnemann.  An overlay of philosophy or personal interpretation is apparent in the teaching establishments we have examined.doctor_3_patient_medical_office_exam_card-p137719527009928539b21fb_400

This lack, and deliberate implementation of other methodology, along with neglect and omission, has caused confusion which has  resulted in a foundation for incorrect case-taking and prescribing.  This has led to situation today where the therapy of homoeopathy in the West, no longer represents the medical practice as originally defined.

Using the completely revised and updated version of the P & W Therapeutic Pocket Book by Boenninghausen,  (1846 edition), the ability to choose the medicine that fits the disease state has been simplified in the synthetic analysis of the book.  It is HAHNEMANNS knowledge and observations that come to the fore in every case, and his method of selecting the prescribing symptoms.We call it Hahnemann through Boenninghausen.doctor-child-examine2

For the experienced Hahmannian prescriber, utilising the original techniques and the T.P.B. most chronic case taking and medicinal prescriptions take less than one hour. First prescription accuracy is around 90%. Follow ups usually take 15-30 minutes and prescription accuracy is again very high. Acute case taking and prescription is around 15 to 20 minutes.

How can this be?

It comes down to understanding Hahnemanns directions and following them. The I.H.M. have perused many hundreds of Hahnemanns original cases from his casebooks (in German) and worked through his steps along the way. Over 22 years of study and research has been conducted. From this solid bedrock of original source material, springs the information for teaching and enabling students to become more proficient homoeopathic physicians.

The Mallorca seminar is the last European event for being able to attend in 2013. (there may be more in Mexico and Israel, check to confirm) The information is guaranteed one hundred percent from the sources, and the cases and analysis presented demonstrate the methodology for improved success over your existing results.