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A Sunday change of subject


tears-of-joy3I was very touched today. We at the I.H.M. and P&W are working on  presenting Seminars in Europe, Israel and Mexico. For the traveling involved in Europe, a standard size projector was a little large to carry around, so I purchased a small group mini projector that will give a reasonable powerpoint demo to 20 people or so. Really small and fits in my bag easily.

During a consultation today, with the wife of a lovely couple I treat long distance, she inquired as to what was was happening on the teaching front etc, (they ALWAYS ask, being keen homoeopathic mindedpeople themselves) I mentioned that the Spanish seminars were being prepared and that I had a lovely new projector to take over there for the videos, powerpoints, cases etc… and I was immediately instructed to accept a donation towards the cost of the projector!

Kindness always touches me. And to Marcia and Ed, you touched me. On behalf of the future students who will benefit from the presentations, I thank you muchly.