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I.H.M. Updates and the Spanish Segment of the Course.


ESPANOL: https://pandwespanol.wordpress.com/2015/10/06/3075/

As of October the 1st 2015.

The blog for the Institute can be found at:  https://instituteforhomoeopathicmedicine.wordpress.com

The I.H.M. founded in 1986, continues its mandate of Research and teaching of Hahnemannian Homoeopathic Medicine from original resources.

All communications for the P&W computer repertory program are now handled via info@homeopathyonline.org

Sales enquiries will be forwarded to your local agent. You can discuss with them personally  and receive any discounts that are available.

Officers of the I.H.M. are:


We have had to close our representation and presence in Mexico.

Dr Guillermo Zamora is no longer associated with I.H.M. International and the I.H.M. Mexico company  licence has been rescinded.  Please direct all correspondence regarding the P&W computer program to info@homeopathyonline.org where we will be pleased to assist you with your queries.

Once we have established a new agent in Mexico, we will place details on our Website.

Due to the closure and removal of the Mexican branch, we have found ourselves without Spanish tutors who are trained sufficiently in the methodology to help us present the modules in the Spanish language. We therefore have to cancel the Spanish course until we are in a position to offer full tutor help in Espanol.

If anyone is offered a place on a course in Spanish with links to the I.H.M. please check with us to see if it is a validated or affiliated teaching program we offer.

Sevilla Seminar

Delegates from Seville and surrounding areas, along with Drs from The Canary Islands spent 2 days discussing Hahnemanns view of homoeopathy and also the works ofBoenninghausen.

14 cases were presented in video and powerpoint to demonstrate Hahnemanns approach to disease according to the Organon directions. All medicines used to be of benefit were found with the aid of the Therapeutic Pocket Book by Boenninghausen 2015 edition by P&W.

Attention was paid to the case taking methodology in diseases of varying depths of pathology, and the importance of assessing the cases using the right symptoms for prescribing. We discussed the absolute importance of prescribing on altered disease symptoms and not personality.

Discussions were held regarding miasms and the understanding of Hahnemanns words were clarified.

A Great Seminar altogether.

Thanks to Antonio Ortega for his friendship and translation for the group.


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Completed Zaragoza Seminar

32 Delegates from the Zaragoza Association and independent homoeopaths joined together to discuss the practice of homoeopathy as defined by Hahnemann.

The viewpoint of Hahnemann was illustrated through the Organanon and his other writings in respect to casetaking, characteristic symptoms and what to prescribe for. Time was spent correcting erroneous viewpoints endemic in homoeopathy and pointing out the correct understanding again from sourced references.

We took a long hard look at miasms and stated Hahnemanns viewpoint and definition of what they were.

numerous case presentations underlined all the principles to cement the reliability of the practice.

The I.H.M.would like to state our gratefulness for the genuine caring and minding of the speaker in every respect. Dr Juan was the perfect host for attending to every need and requirement.

Dr Juan and his wife after picking me up from the airport.

Typical Lunch time menu for Spanish Delegates….. rows of us.




The European branch of the I.H.M. is preparing a seminar for the early part of 2014 in the wonderful city of Madrid. Details to follow soon.

La rama europea de la I.H.M. está preparando un seminario para la primera parte de 2014 en la maravillosa ciudad de Madrid. Detalles a seguir adelante.

Mallorca Seminar notes…

Two days of intensive study and enjoyment has now been completed. 20 of us enjoyed the Mallorcan weather, food and friendship.

We discussed case taking in depth. We looked at how to observe the patient through Hahnemanns direction and worked through numerous cases starting with a video presentation to see how the method worked in practice.

We discussed a number of aphorisms in order to comprehend the simplicity of Hahnemanns model for discerning ill health and worked through the steps required to observe the reality of dealing with sickness.

On the Sunday we looked at the development of the repertory, spending time discussing the differences between Boenninghausens model and Kents.

In the afternoon, we looked into the usage and making of the L.M. potencies, and discussed Hahnemanns usage of water prescriptions from the 5th and 6th edition of the Organon

At the conclusion of the seminar, The I.H.M and P&W happily gifted a full Professional SYNOPSIS program to Isidre Lara for his help and consideration in every step in preparing this seminar. Without him, it would not have been possible to have such a smooth and efficient weekend. We also asked Dr Lara to become the SYNOPSIS representative for Spain. He will be the man to go to as soon as we set up the details on the website.

We  released a new Spanish only version of the Program, and to celebrate the release, we had a free draw for the attendees, one happy homoeopath went home with it.

Nadia Martin, our professional translator and co incidentally, a student at an eclectic naturopathic and homoeopathic college on the Spanish mainland, did a fantastic job in holding it all together…. the nicest thing was after the seminar concluded, she told me that after listening to the information, was that she was inspired to actually try homoeopathy as she now understood far more in two days than in all her training… Miss Nadia, thank you for everything you did… you were the perfect fit.

To the management of the Blue Bay Hotel in Cala Mayor… thank you. Incredibly well managed and nothing was too much trouble.

The Seminar schedule for 2014 is being prepared, with Granada Spain and Turin Italy being venues…

Here we go

I will be on the Island this evening getting there in time to setup the teaching room and organise last minute requirements. So far everything has gone exceedingly well, lots of help from the management of the Blue Bay Hotel. A special thanks to Celeste who has been invaluable. (A. Celeste Malenque Pons) commercial director of millbay hotels.

There is still time for those who want to jump on a plane for this weekend for the Seminar.. English with professional Spanish interpreter.

As a special request, I have packed my Q (L.M.) medicines and will demonstrate briefly how they work and how to make a new potency. I have used Q potencies since 1987 for every ailment almost exclusively and have the utmost confidence in them.

Looking forward to seeing you on the Island.

Limited seats left. Mallorca 5th and 6th October. English and Spanish

largejjSolamente quedan 4 plazas vacantes para el último Seminario del 2013 por parte del I.H.M. en octubre 5 y 6 en la Palma de Mallorca. Habrá traducción profesionalizada al español. Por favor contacten a espanol2013@garyweaver.org y obtengan su lugar. Todos los detalles están en:http://garyweaver.wix.com/mallorca2013

I.H.M. Seminar October 5th & 6th Mallorca!


Ya solo quedan 3 semanas. El ultimo seminario de I.H.M. en 2013 se llevará a cabo en Palma de Mallorca

Todavía disponemos de 5 plazas libres.

El seminario se imparte en inglés, con traducción por parte de una intérprete profesional al español. Van a participar homeópatas de toda la Península y de las Islas Canarias. Contamos con un grupo de participantes cuyos miembros disponen de mucha experiencia – ahora nos vamos a reunir para profundizar nuestros conocimientos de la homeopatía a través de los escritos de Hahnemann.

El seminario está enfocado a la enseñanza de Hahnemann sobre cómo se toma el caso de un paciente. Vamos a examinar con detalle su metodología exacta. Seguiremos con los síntomas que obtenemos tomando el caso y como extraer  aquellos que son importantes para una prescripción certera, siempre siguiendo las instrucciones de Hahnemann. En nuestro camino vamos a enterrar algunos de los mitos que se han infiltrado en la metodología de nuestra práctica, siendo indicadores erróneos en el camino hacia la curación.

Vamos a examinar el desarrollo de los repertorios desde los días de Hahnemann hasta hoy, evaluando las metodologías inherentes de cada uno de los más utilizados. Prestaremos especial atención a los propios criterios de análisis de Hahnemann, comprobando si el modelo de Boenninghausen cumple con estos requerimientos.

Información detallada sobre el seminario y su organización está disponible en:



Nos puede mandar un e-mail a espanol2013@garyweaver.org .Contestaremos en Español a cualquier pregunta que puede surgir. Además, podemos mandar una factura para pagar a través de PAYPAL al participante que lo desea.

Esperando que nos veamos en Palma de Mallorca,

I.H.M. Seminars

It starts in less than 3 weeks. The final I.H.M. seminar presentation of 2013 will take place in Palma Mallorca.

As of today, there are 5 places left.

The seminar will be delivered in English, and translated via our professional interpreter into Spanish.  We have attendees from all over the Spanish mainland attending, Homeopathic physicians from as far away as the Canary islands are coming. The group is rich in experience and diversity and are joining together in order to deepen their understanding of homoeopathic  knowledge through the writings of Hahnemann.

Town-Square-Palma-de-Mallorca-Spain The seminar will focus on the case taking directions of Hahnemann, and examine in detail the exact methodology used by him. We will then look at examination of the case taking symptoms and, again, following Hahnemanns directions, move on to extracting the symptoms that matter for accurate prescribing. In doing so, we begin to lay to rest some of the myths that have seeped into practice methodology and have been false indicators along the path to cure.

We take a look at the development of the Repertory from Hahnemanns day, and examine the different methodologies inherent in the main ones. We will take a long hard look and critical evaluation of Hahnemanns criteria for analysis and examine Boenninghausens model and see if it meets the requirements.curvy_building_palma

More details of the seminar and location can be found at http://garyweaver.wix.com/mallorca2013

You can write us at espanol2013@garyweaver.org

and we can answer any questions and send out a PAYPAL invoice to you for attendance if you require.

Looking forward to seeing you.

I.H.M. Seminars.

Update on Mallorca Seminar

Latest news:September 8th 2013

8 places left!


Cuando el I.H.M. empezó a buscar intérpretes, unas de nuestras preocupaciones era encontrar a alguien a quien que no necesitara demasiada preparación para entender la terminología homeopática. Con Nadia esta preocupación desapareció por muchos motivos. Nadia no solo es licenciada en Traducción e Interpretación por la Universidad de Salamanca, sino que además ya tiene experiencia en interpretación médica y… lleva 18 meses estudiando naturopatía y homeopatía para complementar su formación

When the I.H.M. first advertised for an interpreter, one of our biggest concerns was to to obtain the services of someone who would not require too much pre seminar work in explaining homoeopathic terminology. With Nadia, our concerns were completely removed in so many ways. Not only does Nadia hold a B.A. in translation, she is highly experienced in medical work..AND…. has spent 18 months training in Naturopathy and Homoeopathy for her own interest.

Nadia very kindly explained to me the difference in the types of interpretation required and pointed us in the right direction.We consider ourselves truly lucky to have Nadia for Mallorca.

For Our Spanish Colleagues.


September 3rd 2013

Google translate. My Spanish speaking colleagues in a different time zone are still in bed 🙂

Sólo hay nueve lugares que quedan en el Seminario de Mallorca . En 4 semanas, el pasado 2013 I.H.M. Seminario se llevará a cabo . El Seminario se llevará a cabo en Inglés con un traductor profesional impartir la información a los delegados españoles presentes .

El enfoque del seminario será en tomar el caso . No todos los estilos teórico o personal de la determinación de los síntomas, pero un examen detallado de la metodología Hahnemanns e instrucciones.

Una vez que esto se ha explorado , la atención se desplazará hacia la manera de examinar el caso , con la vista puesta en las observaciones Hahnemanns sobre Enfermedades Crónicas , y cómo esto afecta o no a la evaluación del estado del paciente, y luego pasar a la forma de obtener prescripción de los síntomas de la information.gathered . El Seminario se trasladará a la utilización de las ayudas repertorial para determinar cómo hacer coincidir la imagen de la enfermedad con un medicamento que es el más similar.

Habrá un vistazo a la historia del desarrollo repertorial y una nitidez de enfoque en el Therapeutic Pocket ayuda Book.This de estudio Materia Medica es la metodología más cercano en la existencia de análisis de casos utilizando Hahnemanns thinking.In este día y edad, hay un lamento general para que más y más sustancias que ” probarse” con el fin de hacer frente a la aparición de enfermedades y las enfermedades modernas . En las clínicas IHM y centros de investigación , hemos encontrado que los medicamentos originales existentes ya poseen la similitud con las patologías modernas , pero no se conocen simplemente porque los profesionales modernos ya no leen las fuentes !

Este seminario es un llamado a la comunidad homeopática para echar un vistazo largo y duro en la práctica original de la homeopatía y ver que sus principios y , más importante aún, que su eficacia no se ha superado desde los primeros días de la utilización de los llamados , técnicas mejoradas y “pensamiento moderno” .

El I.H.M. y P & W se enorgullece en anunciar todo el nuevo único programa informático ESPAÑOL para ser lanzado en el Seminario . Se incluirá la última versión española actualizada de la edición del libro de bolsillo terapéutico , Materias Médicas y escritos de los maestros de P & W 2014 . Se actualizará de forma gratuita, más obras están traducidas en español .

Para los asistentes del seminario , vamos a ofrecer el programa a un precio especial seminario. También habrá un sorteo gratis para los delegados para ganar un programa.

Latest news.

There are only Nine places left at the Mallorca Seminar. In 4 weeks the last 2013 I.H.M. Seminar will take place. The Seminar will be conducted in English with a professional translator imparting the information to the Spanish delegates present.

The focus of the seminar will be on case taking. Not any theoretical or personal style of ascertaining symptoms, but a detailed examination of Hahnemanns methodology and instructions.

Once this has been explored, the focus will shift towards HOW to examine the case, with an eye on Hahnemanns observations regarding Chronic Disease, and how that affects, or not, the assessment of the patient state, and then moving on to how to elicit prescribing symptoms from the information.gathered. The Seminar will move on to the use of repertorial aids for determining how to match the disease picture with a medicine that is the most similar.

There will be a look a the history of repertorial development, and a sharpening of focus on the Therapeutic Pocket Book.This aid to Materia Medica study is the closest methodology in existence for case analysis utilising Hahnemanns thinking. In this day and age, there is a general lament for more and more substances to be “proved” in order to tackle the onset of modern illnesses and diseases. In I.H.M clinics and research facilities, we have found that original existing medicines already possess the similarity to modern disease states, but are not known simply because modern practitioners no longer read the sources!

This seminar is a call to the homoeopathic community to take a long hard look at the original practice of homoeopathy and see that its principles and, more importantly, that its efficacy has never been surpassed since the early days by utilising so called, improved techniques and ‘modern thinking’.

The I.H.M. and P&W are proud to announce an all new SPANISH only computer program to be released at the Seminar. It will include the latest Spanish updated version of the P & W 2014 edition of the Therapeutic Pocket Book, Materia Medicas and writings of the masters. It will be updated free of charge as more works are translated in Spanish.

For attendees of the seminar, we will offer the program at a special seminar price. There will also be a free draw for delegates to win a program.