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2012 Edition of the SYNOPSIS Repertory Suite Program


Monday April 23rd we will release the new version of the SYNOPSIS suite. The P & W Therapeutic Pocket book 2012 edition has been edited to reflect better wording in about 5 rubrics, and a number of links have been added to similar symptoms.

2 new repertory’s added. Materia Medica upgrades. A cleaner brighter look, lots of internal software changes and best of all, a free upgrade for present version holders. Same price as last 2 years. No price increase $799.

For those wishing to purchase the SYNOPSIS with the first ever HEBREW repertory on computer (The P & W version of the original 1846 Therapeutic Pocket Book), please contact vera.homeopath@gmail.com where it can be purchased for $799. If you already have the SYNOPSIS program but wish to buy the Hebrew Repertory, it can be purchased for $150. The purchase of either includes the HEBREW language interface so all computer commands are in HEBREW.

Dont forget, if you are a student, we can offer you a discount.


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Therapeutic Pocket Book, Best Repertory?

The answer is not as straightforward as you might think. The best Repertory is not really a repertory at all. Hahnemann worked on a repertory in the latter years of his life, and despite his genius, his mind was not suited to collating the symptoms in a manner that made it easy to retrieve information for prescribing. He encouraged Boenninghausen to make a repertory, and so the SRA and SRN came into being, Filling page after page of key symptoms from remedies, the size of the books became obviously unwieldy for easy use, and so that work was placed on one side while Boenninghausen worked on a new concept. It was a memory aid for physicians at the bedside.

Using 125 medicines of which he had a deep knowledge of, Boenninghausen broke apart the symptoms culled from the SRA and SRN and componentized them. Example: sharp pain in left temple on awakening. This would be split to: Temples left. Pain sharp. waking agg.

Using this method, Boenninghausen reasoned that a remedy would be able to found using the characteristics of the provings even if a particular symptom had not been found in the remedy. After extensive trialing, it was found to be extremely accurate and Hahnemann approved of its use as it followed precisely the methodology Hahnemann used in his own rationale.

The Therapeutic Pocket Book became one of the most respected and valuable books used to elicit a remedy for patients.Sadly with the advent of Kents repertory, it fell by the wayside. Boger tried to enlarge it but did not follow the model or criteria and it became inaccurate. Kents repertory, if you follow the historical detailing has proved to be not as accurate or useful as would be hoped for, and yet the homoeopaths of today have added to it greatly, thus compounding the unfixed errors.

George Dimitriadis released in 2000 a revised and altered clinical version of the Therapeutic Pocket book. His book was based on extensive research from original sources. In 2010 Polony and Weaver released a computer version of their own research of the TPB and maintained the original layout of Boenninghausen. It is released in English German and Spanish.

The book version of George Dimitriadis TBR is $320. The TBR computer version is $A880 from http://hahnemanninstitute.com

Polony and Weaver, The P & W 2012 version of the Therapeutic pocket Book is available for $US799 from, http://homeopathyonline.org (German English and Spanish full translations including the individual language interface.).

Is the work accurate in the modern world? Vladimir Polony, Gary Weaver and George Dimitriadis use their own versions of the book almost exclusively in their practice. The confidence in prescribing and the results speak for itself. Because both versions have the same sources (1846 handwritten and print edition), although laid out a little differently and the rubrics worded slightly differently, the actual remedy suggestions are the same if the symptoms are chosen accurately. The principle of the methodology can be reproduced time after time for the benefit of the patient. Research into the writings of Hahnemann, the Materia Medica’s and dictionaries of the day and the personal correspondence between Hahnemann and colleagues, shows a deep, precise and accurate comprehension of what the individual medicines can produce in terms of symptoms, and as such are represented completely by the method of Boenninghausens Therapeutic Pocket book.

No other repertory has Hahnemanns seal of approval.

New release of P & W SYNOPSIS imminent

P & W are pleased to announce the release of the 2012 edition of OpenRep Synopsis. (Mid April)

The changes that have been implemented are as follows. The software engine that drives the program has been radically streamlined and updated so as to take full advantage of the new hardware on the market. We have striven to keep the basic program in as small a shell as possible, and maximize speed and accuracy. With over 300 Materia Medicas and books, and 18 Repertory’s, the zip download file is only 221 meg! About 650 meg unpacked.

The program look has undergone a discrete makeover, with a fresher look and more intuitive icons. Vladimir has been busy making changes internally to the way the program interacts, and this has enabled us to pursue an idea for a “specialist” application which, if the trialing is successful, we will discuss later in the year.

MAC users have had the engine overhauled so that the latest revisions enable a smoother flow.

It is no secret that the repertory of choice for anyone that works with P & W is the Therapeutic Pocket Book. Research, experience and clinical success is the hallmark of the Hahnemann approved work. Many people ask if the 125 medicine inclusion is too small for clinic in this day and age. It was not too small for Boenninghausen or Hahnemann, and the conclusion drawn from using this repertory almost exclusively for the last 20 years is that it has allowed the full scope and action of each medicine to be seen. Each prescription allows a practitioner to REALLY understand the medicine as per the provings and not with the slant given in popular, but erroneous teachings today.

We at P & W, have spent 5 years collectively working on and with the Boenninghausen method. It has reshaped the way we look at disease and has made us more aware of the precision of Hahnemanns insight and comprehension of what needs to be treated.

The P & W Repertory of the 1846 Boenninghausen Therapeutic Pocket Book, has undergone a rubric by rubric revision pertaining to the English translation. This has resulted in a few more linked rubrics, where the meaning is the same, and about 10 rubrics being reworded slightly so as to give a more precise comprehension of Boenninghausens intent in the choice of his words.

We have worked on the Kent Repertory, to match it more closely to the Final General Repertory.

We added 2 new Repertories, one of which we are excited about and that is the TPB released in Hebrew along with the language interface. This is the first Repertory COMPLETELY translated into Hebrew, and we know it will be very useful for the practitioners over in Israel.  It was carefully translated by the P & W translation team, (the Hebrew language team member was Vera Resnick I.H.M. Dhom med.) from the P and W English version, rubric by rubric and placed into the same numbered rubric order, so that each rubric can be matched to the original German, English and Spanish versions we include in every package.

The Complete SYNOPSIS program and the Hebrew TPB is available through our Israeli office exclusively, and the email for the sole representative is vera.homeopath@gmail.com

The P&W Israeli web site will be opened in the next few days for all Hebrew purchases of the program and for Hebrew questions and answers. Vera Resnick will be the sole sales agent for the Hebrew version in the meantime. Please write her with your questions.


Vaccine Damage is KNOWN

Institute of Medicine adverse reactions report admits MMR vaccines cause measles, seizures, anaphylaxis and other health problems


The Institute of Medicine, which has long functioned as a front group for the pharmaceutical industry and receives tens of millions of dollars in annual funding from drug companies and global elitists (like Bill Gates, Ted Turner, etc.), has issued a report that declares the MMR vaccine is not linked to autism. This is now being widely reported in the conventional (controlled) media, which isn’t telling you the real story behind this report.

What’s the real story? That this IOM report, even though it goes out of its way to excuse vaccines and dismiss safety concerns, still openly admits that vaccines cause measles, febrile seizures, anaphylactic shock and other potentially fatal side effects. It also admits that other vaccines are linked to a whole host of bizarre side effects, including skin lesions, difficulty breathing and live virus infections (see complete list, below).

Furthermore, the conclusion that “vaccines do not cause autism” is erroneous, as the IOM did not interview even a single parent of an autistic child and did not conduct a medical review of any autistic children whatsoever. Instead, the IOM claims to have reviewed thousands of vaccine papers published in conventional medical journals — yes, the very same medical journals that are practically run by pharmaceutical interests and have been caught publishing “scientific” articles that were really fraudulently ghostwritten by drug company hacks. (http://www.naturalnews.com/029160_medical_journals_ghostwriters.html)

In layman’s terms, this is what’s known as a “scientific circle jerk” where one group of bought-off scientists quotes another group of bought-off scientists as “authorities” even though they all parrot the same medical quackery of their masters — the pharmaceutical companies.

Predictably, the old dinosaur media spins the report into a complete lie

Regardless of the fact that the IOM report found a long list of side effects to be “convincingly” linked to vaccines (which is remarkable, given the IOM’s pro-vaccine slant, as revealed below), the mainstream media went out of its way to twist the story around and declare vaccines are perfectly safe!

Forbes Magazine, which has long been a zombie mouthpiece for pharmaceutical business interests, ran with the headline, “Report Finds Few Side Effects For Vaccines.” (Not true. The report actually found an alarming number of side effects for vaccines.)

The Sydney Morning Herald, the pro-pharma quack rag of Australia, declared “Vaccine gets another clean bill of health, but no one is listening.” (A total and deliberate lie by a newspaper that maliciously lies to its Australian readers on a regular basis.)

NPR, which no one even expects to honestly report a story anymore, declared, “Report: Vaccines Are Safe, Hazards Few And Far Between.” Voice of America parroted, “US Study: Vaccines are Safe.” (Again, a complete fabrication. Did they even read the IOM’s report?)

The trouble, of course, is that all these headlines are really more like headLIES. They fail to report what the IoM actually published in its own conclusions, and even that is a distorted version of the truth of how dangerous vaccines really are. But it surprises no one to see conventional media — the presstitutes — covering up the crimes of the deadly vaccine industry. They’re all in this together, of course. It’s the pharma interests that buy a significant portion of the advertising which keeps these rags in business, and if they actually told the truth about the dangers of drugs and vaccines, drug companies would pull their ads and many of these media outlets would simply collapse into financial insolvency (which is actually what they deserve, given that they only serve their corporate masters and contribute nothing to the people of society).

So they keep parroting the lies of Big Pharma and the distortions of the IoM, which as you will soon see, is an entirely untrustworthy organization that has a history of being involved in illegal medical experiments and crimes against humanity, including having its members play a role in the illegal syphilis medical experiments on Guatemalan prisoners.

A brief history of the Institute of Medicine

The IoM is the same group, you may recall, that recently issued an utterly false and misleading report on vitamin D, claiming that people should take no more than 600 IUs of vitamin D a day. It then went on to warn people against “megadosing” on vitamin D, thereby contributing to the ongoing vitamin D deficiencies that are the main cause of cancer in America today. (http://www.naturalnews.com/030598_vitamin_D_Institute_of_Medicine.htm…)

(In truth, most people need 10,000 IUs of vitamin D a day just to maintain healthy levels.)

This was all part of the 2010 report called, “Dietary Reference Intakes for Calcium and Vitamin D” in which the IoM utter failed to find any link whatsoever between vitamin D and cancer (huh?), and then reluctantly admitted that vitamin D may have something to do with bone health, but nothing more. This is a classic example of total pseudoscientific quackery being put out to promote nutritional deficiencies so that the pharmaceutical industry can rake in more profits. (http://www.anh-usa.org/action-alert-is-the-institute-of-medicine-in-b…)

Remember, Big Pharma is a huge financial supporter of the IoM. Full details on the IoM’s financial ties will shortly be reported here on NaturalNews, where you will learn that individuals like Margaret Hamburg, the head of the criminal FDA, personally gave the IoM more than $100,000. (So did Bill Gates, Ted Turner and others.)

The IoM is also the same group that declared Agent Orange was safe for U.S. veterans who fought in Vietnam. In nearly every report it has issued over the years, the IoM has pushed a pro-pharma agenda while denying the reality of dangerous chemicals. Yet, somehow, the IoM is widely quoted by the old media (the dinosaur media, the presstitutes) as if it were a “scientific” organization reaching “scientific” conclusions, independent of industry influence.

Didn’t any of the presstitutes actually check who funds the IoM? Of course not. The age of old media journalists actually asking intelligent questions has long faded into history. Now, they simply vomit up whatever disinfo they’ve been spoon fed by the establishment, and they rely on the gullibility of their fluoridated, mind-numbed readers to buy whatever propaganda they’re spewing.

The IoM’s role in criminal, government-run human medical experiments

The IoM, by the way, was also directly involved in the criminal medical experiments conducted on Guatemalan prisoners, a “dark chapter” of conventional medical history that came to light in late 2010 (http://www.naturalnews.com/029924_medical_experiments_Guatemala.html).

When the truth about these experiments became known (oops! Somebody found out!), President Obama was forced to issue a public apology and organize an investigation. He appointed the Institute of Medicine — a “prestigious” organization, if you can believe that — to lead the investigation.

But the IoM had to recuse itself from the investigation, admitting that some of its own people were the same people who conducted the illegal medical experiments while working for the NIH. The Guatemalan medical experiments, you see, were a U.S. government funded operation conducted under the NIH, and the IoM has strong financial ties to the government, receiving as much as 64.9% of its funding from government sources (details on that to be published here on NaturalNews shortly).

This was all admitted in a published paper called “U.S. reviews human trial participant
protections.” (The Lancet, Volume 376, Issue 9757, Pages 1975 – 1976, Dec. 11, 2010).

This paper declares, “In a sign of just how thoroughly enmeshed in medical establishment approval the Guatemala study was, the IoM had to decline the assignment, citing “overlapping appointments” in the 1940s between individuals on an IoM subcommittee and the NIH Study Section on Syphilis. The fact-finding task has now been transferred to the bioethics committee.” (http://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(10)62247-7/fulltext)

This was also reported in Jerry Leonards Public Health Alert (www.PublicHealthAlert.org), in a special article covering the CDC Tuskegee experiments and ongoing biowarfare research being conducted covertly by the U.S. government and its various “medical” front groups (NIH, IoM, CDC, NCI, etc.)

Read the full report from Jerry Leonards at:

So keep all this in mind about the history of the IoM when you read its paper on vaccines. We’re talking about an organization that promotes nutritional deficiencies, that utterly ignores the solid science on disease prevention with nutrition, and that was so deeply involved in the illegal, government-run medical experiments on Guatemalan prisoners that it had to remove itself from the bioethics investigative committee appointed to investigate the matter. The word “ethics” doesn’t even belong in the same paragraph as the Institute of Medicine.

The IoM is also largely funded by both military government interests (including funds from the Department of Defense, which we will explain later), pharmaceutical interests (it takes money from all the top Big Pharma companies) and top global elitists like Bill Gates who are openly calling for the use of vaccines to “reduce world population by 10 to 15 percent.” (http://www.naturalnews.com/029911_vaccines_Bill_Gates.html)

Today, this same pharmaceutically prostituted organization that lied to the nation about vitamin D has issued its report called “Adverse Effects of Vaccines: Evidence and Causality”.

Let’s see what this report really says:

What the IOM report on vaccines reveals about deadly vaccines

To begin, you can download and view the entire report yourself at:

Here are several important things you need to know about this report — things that none of the mainstream presstitutes will dare tell you:

#1 – The IOM vaccine report was reviewed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as well as a military weapons manufacturer

On page 8 of the report, you will see that it was reviewed by Chris Wilson from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a vaccine front group that openly pushes for global population reduction through vaccines and infertility technologies (http://www.naturalnews.com/029911_vaccines_Bill_Gates.html).

Secondly, this IOM report was reviewed by Sam Shekar from the military defense contractor Northrop Grumman, a weapons manufacturer and military technology engineering company that received a $5 billion grant from the CDC to run a vaccine information technology program (which will likely be used to track vaccine recipients in much the same way that IBM sold its technology to the Nazi regime in World War II to track Jewish prisoners as they were hauled off to concentration camps). (http://www.ibmandtheholocaust.com/home.php)

#2 – The IOM conducted NO NEW STUDIES for this report

Instead, it was merely a compilation of 12,000 existing vaccines studies published in all the corrupt mainstream medical journals which are pro-vaccine propaganda rags that routinely engage in bribery, corruption, fraudulent science and the ghost writing of fraudulent “scientific papers” that were really written by Big Pharma propagandists (http://www.naturalnews.com/029160_medical_journals_ghostwriters.html).

The British Medical Journal in particular has been widely discredited over its fictitious and provably false allegations against Dr. Andrew Wakefield (http://www.naturalnews.com/031116_Dr_Andrew_Wakefield_British_Medical…).

The IoM, however, took all the medical journals are honest, trustworthy sources! …even though we know conventional medical journals are the epitome of modern pharmaceutical quackery parading around as science. For the IoM to use medical journals as “sources” for any study is sort of like police departments hiring convicted felons to be detectives.

All of us know very well that relying on the conventional medical industry’s own studies as a source of information about the dangers of the conventional medical industry’s own products is just flat-out stupid. If you’re going to have an honest assessment of the dangers of vaccines, you don’t use the for-profit vaccine industry as your source of information! The medical journals, as we all know, are utterly corrupted and controlled by the drug companies that manufacture and sell all these vaccines in the first place. Nearly all conventional medical journals are packed with drug company ads that provide the bulk of the funding for their operations.

So it makes no difference that the IoM claims to have reviewed “12,000 studies.” Most of those 12,000 studies are still slanted propaganda pieces because they were funded by the vaccine companies and published by what are essentially “vaccine journals” that promote the interests of vaccine companies. The IoM might as well claim it looked at a “gajillion studies!”

If you really want to find out what vaccines cause in children, you need to go talk to the parents of autistic children — something that Dr. Andrew Wakefield did, much to the horror of the medical establishment which then went out of its way to utterly defame and denigrate Dr. Wakefield for daring to suggest that vaccines might produce harmful gastrointestinal effects. (Dr. Wakefield, for the record, has never suggested that vaccines cause autism. That allegation is a total piece of fiction invented by the medical establishment and the old media presstitutes.)

The IoM, for the record, did not talk to a single child or a single parent as part of this entire review (see below). And there is absolutely no indication that the IoM has any intention whatsoever to ever talk to any parent of an autistic child and gather reliable information from the people directly impacted by this neurological disorder which seems to happen to many children right after being vaccinated.

#3 – The IOM study openly admits it did not consider the “benefits” of vaccines at all

The old media is widely reporting that this IOM report proves vaccines are “safe” and “effective,” and yet the IOM openly states that its report didn’t assess vaccine benefits at all.

“We were not charged with assessing the benefits of vaccines, with weighing benefits and costs, or with deciding how, when, and to whom vaccines should be administered. The committee was not charged with making vaccine policy,” says Ellen Wright Clayton of the Chair Committee to Review Adverse Effects of Vaccines.

The report itself says, “The 2009 H1N1 influenza vaccine is covered by the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program, and evidence about its safety is not covered in this report.” (Yeah, no kidding, because its safety record is so atrocious that opening that can of worms would destroy their whole argument that vaccines have few side effects…)

Influenza vaccines are the most dangerous vaccines of all, having been proven to actually promote influenza and weaken immune defenses against future infections (http://www.naturalnews.com/029641_vaccines_junk_science.html). That’s why every winter, the vast majority of people who catch the flu are the very same people who were vaccinated against the flu!

(Most flu deaths occur in people who received flu vaccinations. There’s another little factoid the old dinosaur media will never — never! — put into print.)

#4 – The IoM admits it did not have accurate data

In the introduction to the report, the IoM openly admits it simply doesn’t have enough data to accurately assess the totality of vaccine adverse reactions.

“…we learned some lessons that may be of value for future efforts to evaluate vaccine safety. One is that some issues simply cannot be resolved with currently available epidemiologic data…” says the report.

In another bit of twisted logic, the IoM effectively admits that many vaccine side effects are simply blamed on the “natural infection.” Read the following statement from the IoM and note how it makes absolutely no sense and yet is somehow trying to shift blame away from vaccines:

“Some adverse events caused by vaccines are also caused by the natural infection. These effects often cannot be detected by epidemiologic methods, which typically cannot distinguish between the adverse events that are caused by the vaccine itself and the decrease in adverse events due to the decreased rate of natural infection.”

#5 – The IoM openly admits it threw out all data covering long-term adverse events

All the conclusions of the IoM are based entirely on short-term adverse reactions from single vaccines. The IoM’s report in no way considered long-term adverse reactions or the cumulative effects of multiple vaccines compromising the immune system or nervous system.

In fact, the IoM admits in its report that “Case descriptions that did not have the three basic elements described above were not considered in the mechanistic weight-of-evidence assessments.” One of those three elements was a “specified and reasonable time interval (i.e., temporality or latency) between vaccination and symptoms.” But the IoM failed to define this “temporality,” stating that “What constitutes reasonable latency will vary across vaccines and across adverse events.”

This means the IoM could simply throw out any evidence it wanted by claiming the latency was too long between the vaccine injection and the appearance of side effects. If autism kicks in 15 days after a vaccine injection, for example, the IoM could simply disregard it. If a child suffered neurological damage following a vaccine but the doctor reporting the adverse effects did not note how many hours transpired between the vaccine shot and the onset of neurological symptoms, that data was also thrown out.

This is how modern medical “science” — which is really just for-profit quackery — always seems to engineer the study results it wants. It simply throws out all the data that doesn’t fit its pre-determined conclusions! Or, in the case of pharma researchers who work for Merck and Pfizer, they just fabricate whatever data they want and then get that published in the mainstream medical journals (http://www.naturalnews.com/028194_Scott_Reuben_research_fraud.html).

#6 – The IoM study still admits that vaccines cause infectious disease!

This is the truly amazing part about all this. The old dinosaur media (presstitutes run by globalists) is widely reporting this IoM story as if it declares vaccines to be safe. And yet they haven’t even read the report! Because on page 574, this IoM report directly declares that MMR vaccines cause measles! It describes the evidence as “convincingly supports” and says the mechanistic assessment is “strong.”

The real conclusions of the Institute of Medicine report on vaccine adverse reactions

Here are some of the other conclusions of the IOM’s report, which the old dinosaur media outright refuses to tell you because they are all controlled by pharmaceutical interests:

• MMR vaccine is “convincingly” linked to causing measles. (Just as we told you here on NaturalNews, the vaccine is what’s causing the disease.)

• MMR vaccine is “convincingly” linked to causing febrile seizure, just as we also reported here on NaturalNews.

• MMR vaccine is “convincingly” linked to causing anaphylaxis, a life-threatening allergic reaction that can result in death within minutes. This is what kills many young children who are injected with MMR vaccines.

• MMR vaccine is likely linked to causing transient arthralgia in women and children.

• Varicella vaccine is “convincingly” linked to causing Disseminated Oka VZV, a viral disease (Varicella Zoster Virus) which causes skin lesions and can also infect the lungs and brain. The fact that this vaccine is causing VZV infections is proof that the vaccines contain live viruses!

• Varicella vaccine is “convincingly” linked to causing Vaccine Strain Viral Reactivation, meaning the vaccine contains live viruses that are reactivated in the human host, multiplying and causing widespread infections.

• Varicella vaccine is “convincingly” linked to causing anaphylaxis, the life-threatening allergic reaction mentioned above.

• The influenza vaccine is “convincingly” linked to causing anaphylaxis, which is why influenza vaccines have killed so many children (http://www.naturalnews.com/029586_Australia_vaccines.html).

• The influenza vaccine likely causes Oculorespiratory Syndrome, a vaccine reaction described as causing “bilateral conjunctivitis, facial edema, and upper respiratory symptoms.” Once again, this is proof that the vaccine itself is dangerous to humans.

• The Hepatitis B vaccine is “convincingly” linked to causing anaphylaxis.

• The HPV vaccine (for cervical cancer) is also likely linked to causing anaphylaxis.

• The TT (Tetanus Toxoid) vaccine is also likely linked to causing anaphylaxis.

• The Meningo-Coccal vaccine is “convincingly” linked to causing anaphylaxis.

• Vaccine injections (of all kinds) are “convincingly” linked to causing Deltoid Bursitis (severe pain and swelling at the injection sight) and Syncope (loss of consciousness). These are no doubt caused by the toxic chemical adjuvants which are added to vaccines to invoke an immune reaction. These adjuvants are known neurotoxins (http://www.naturalnews.com/026717_vaccine_flu_swine.html).

Not surprisingly, this IoM report completely threw out any links between vaccines and:

• Guillain-Barre Syndrome
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Chronic Inflammatory Disseminated Polyneuropathy
• Asthma Exacerbation
• Autism
• Lupus
• Type-1 diabetes
• Rheumatoid arthritis
• Autoimmune hepatitis
• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
• Fibromyalgia
• Meningitis
• Myocardial Infarction
• Infantile spasms
• Optic neuritis
• Bell’s Palsy
• Arthropathy
• Encephalopathy
• Transverse myelitis
• Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

These were thrown out based on a “lack of sufficient evidence,” says the IoM. But remember: It’s only sources of evidence were the corrupt, quacked-out medical journals! Relying on medical journals to accurately report vaccine side effects is sort of like relying on the Federal Reserve to accurately report what it’s doing with all the bailout money it keeps printing. It’s all one grand orgy of secrecy and corruption constructed for the sole purpose of pushing a globalist control agenda.

Anyone with even a hint of human intelligence knows that the conventional medical industry is not a good source of information for determining the dangers of the products manufactured and sold by the conventional medical industry! Only a fool — or a mainstream media journalist — would even believe such a thing.

Contributions to the history of homoeopathy

Allg. hom. zeit., vol. xxxix, page 339

A notice to Dr. V. Boenninghausen to cease from homoeopathic veterinary practice.

We have been informed, noble sir, that when Commissary Henschen, of Holzhausen, applied to you for medical advice for a hog bitten by a mad dog, you gave him powders for the animal, and that later on the hog became mad, wherefore it had to be killed in the presence of a veterinary physician, Steinkühler, together with its litter of three pigs, born after the event.
We take occasion from this event to communicate to you in copy the Order of the Royal Minister of Spiritual,  Educational and Medical Affairs, issued on December 6, 1840 (Ministerial Journal for the Interior, 1840, p. 476).

This orders that persons who have not been approved for the practice of the veterinary art should not undertake the treatment of domestic animals in diseases belonging to the category of infectious diseases and of epidemics. Since you have not obtained the qualifications demanded in this Order by the Order of the Royal Cabinet of July 11, 1843, which granted you permission to provide patients in single cases with homoeopathic advice and corresponding medicines, we must forbid you to medically treat mad animals or such domestic animals as have been bitten by mad animals, or such as are suspected of madness, as also in general cattle taken with an infectious or epidemic disease, if you would avoid a fine of from 5 to 10 dollars. Münster, June 24, 1850.
Royal Minister of the Interior.
To the Royal Councilor, retired,
Dr. phil von Boenninghausen,
Nobleman in this city.
No. 404. I. M.

Hereupon follows
The Rescript issued by the Ministry of the Interior.
To the Honorable Royal Government here.
Münster, July 10, 1850.

The Order issued to me lays upon me the imperative duty, not on my own account, but on account of the cause, not to receive this order in silence, and thereby, as it were, confess a guilt of which I am entirely innocent as well in a material as in formal respect. The whole honorable college will not refuse me the testimony that I have never stood among the complainers, but have always devoted all my time and strength to studying, advising and bringing aid, whenever and wherever I was able, in a faithful and honest manner. I have not to fear, therefore, from this side that my present  address will be misinterpreted since I sincerely desire and strive for merely what is truly good; but, at the same time, as is proper, I am determined to oppose every obstruction to this endeavor with zeal and determination.

Although it is an undeniable truth, proved by numberless facts, that the cure of the diseases of animals is accomplished according to one and the same law as the cure of men, I would yet hardly have thought of reaching out also to them, if the objections of the adherents of the old school, repeated ad nauseam, had not, as it were, compelled me to it. After so many striking facts, which left them no denial possible, the only objection was left them: “The cures of homoeopaths are caused merely by diet and by a confident imagination, because the naughts administered by them are entirely unable to effect cures.” If such ridiculous statements were merely made as a cheap and somewhat silly joke every rational man would at most have compassionately shrugged his shoulders or left it unnoticed as a transitory folly. But after all the other objections, mostly drawn from an absurd theory, were of no more avail, this nonsense was at last seized upon, and because it was uttered with such a mien of wisdom there were silly men enough who actually believed it.

In order to make this last loophole impracticable for the opponents of the new and natural methods of cure nothing is more suitable than the application of Homoeopathy to animals. For here nothing can be ascribed to diet, which remains the same, much less to the influence of imagination and faith; when animals, therefore, with such treatment recover, and, indeed, in a very brief time, it cannot be denied that their cure is due to these derided “naughts,” unless all reason is set aside and skepticism should increase even to insanity. The 38th volume of the Allgemeine hom. Zeitung, by Hartmann and Rummel, contains in No. 23 a treatise on this subject, with an appendix on the cures effected on animals with such “naughts,” and, indeed, with “naughts” in the superlative degree.

Purely for this reason and based on the principle of similia similibus! I did not consider myself too aristocratic where my aid was invoked “in single cases,” and in the beginning only in cases where the present veterinary methods had shown no success, not to deny my assistance also to animals of various kinds. Since January 18, 1849, I have also kept a formal journal, and am therefore ready at all times to give account concerning every case treated, just as I am able to do about my treatment of sick persons, though the former account is not so full. In this journal there is, therefore, also found an account of the sow big with young, belonging to Hensche, on May 8th of this year, with a notice of the usual remedies used against the biting by mad dogs. Later on, according to subsequent information, there is the remark, that “the sow nevertheless was said to have become hydrophobic, though it had not bitten or gored as mad sows always do.” It is, therefore still very questionable whether said sow actually had hydrophobia when she was killed, and from many scientific reasons I have a perfect right to question this and deny it until a complete account of a dissection made should prove the assertion of veterinary doctor Steinkuehler, who is altogether unknown to me.

But even in that case it would not matter much if, from some unknown cause, hydrophobia should exceptionally have broken out in this one case, as such cases, even among men, when treated allopathically occur but too frequently, as the yearly statistical tables plainly show. Two sad examples of this occurred in the last two years here before the gates of the city of Münster and in the town of Coesfeld. On the other hand, not a single well authenticated case has come to my knowledge where a man who had been bitten by a mad dog, and who had actually become hydrophobic, has been saved by Allopathy, but I can show a case of a person thus saved by Homoeopathy. The records of the Royal Government from the beginning of the year 1830 contain the reports of Dr. Sentrup, then district-physician, concerning hydrophobia having broken out with Louise Klusemann, born in Iburg, twenty-one years old, and living as a servant on Menken’s farm, near Alveskirchen, as also the allopathic treatment of this person for several days without effect. But from what the Court published about the matter later on, I doubt that my homoeopathic cure of this person, who else would have died without chance of rescue, has been entered on the records. But I am able, even at this day, to give a detailed and exact account of the matter as it was published in the Archiv für die hom. Heilkunst, Vol. X,
No. 3, page 85, which is confirmed by a communication of the pastor there, as well as by the statement written down according to the words of the cured person in the presence of the late Privy Councilor, Baronet von Korff, a few weeks after the event. The fame of this cure, which has not yet been forgotten, as well as many remarkable cures since, have brought to me a great number of persons who had been bitten by dogs alleged to be mad, and with none of these persons who have used my homoeopathic remedies did hydrophobia break out, though I saw several of them who had been dreadfully bitten and mangled, and some of these persons by dogs whose bite caused hydrophobia with other animals. These remedies are not, however, secret remedies, as they are sold and used without obstruction in many places; nor has their publication caused any expense to the State as has been the case with several other remedies,
but they have been made known unselfishly in my own works and others, together with directions showing how to use them. These remedies, also, are the only and true prophylactics against hydrophobia, as they have the virtue of curing the whole disease, even when it has broken out. This latter condition is indispensable, and where a prophylactic has not been put to this proof it is, by homoeopaths, relegated at once to the limbo of the doubtful and unsafe, if not into that of secret remedies and humbugs. For the time of the empty authority of opinions and assertions is gone by never to return, and in future only that will be accepted as true which has been proved correct by repeated experience, and which corresponds with a law of nature which is no less irrefragable than the law of gravitation established by Newton. But we have the more reason to apply a strict criticism to the old practice of medicine as even among the most decided adherents of the old school there are a number of honest men whohave recognized and designated it as a collection of fallacies and falsities.

So much I thought it my duty to say concerning the order issued by the honorable Royal Government, dated on the 24th of this month. I will not mention the rank into which homoeopaths have placed me, nor the many honors that have been paid to me, diplomas, etc., which have come, and are still coming, to me from the most remote countries, but will pass on to the conclusions to be drawn from it.

In this respect it is not to be overlooked that the supreme royal cabinet order concerning my homoeopathic activity is dated July 11, 1843, but the ministerial order cited bears date of December 6, 1840. Therefore, this ministerial order cannot affect the other, even if a minister should have the power to nullify or arbitrarily to limit a royal cabinet order.

Secondly, in the royal cabinet order there is nowhere to be found a restriction or exception as to any sort of disease. Therefore, there can be no interpretation of this order, least of all one that would place the life of a sow above that of a human being.

Finally, the above said cabinet order distinctly declares that no obstruction is to be put in my way based on my lack of Qualification, and yet the order cited by you, in direct conflict therewith, says that I had not obtained the Qualification demanded in that (ministerial) rescript, and therefore am forbidden, etc., threatening a fine of from five to ten dollars.

There are cases of interpretation which do not tally with common sense, but such a bald and plain contradictory interpretation as this I never met before, and I cannot, therefore, submit myself to the honourable order of the Royal Government in this case.
Dr. C. von Boenninghausen,
Royal Councilor (Retired).

We have found ourselves moved by the reasons given in your answer of July 10th, this year, to our order of June 24th of this year to depart from our position, and we particularly direct you, with reference to the treatment of mad dogs or those bitten by them, to the direction given in paragraph 100 of the regulation confirmed by royal authority October 28, 1835, (Lawb. No. 27, page 239), according to which every one not a physician is strictly warned against treating such cases, and which is even permitted to physicians and veterinary doctors only under conditions involving strict limitations. From the royal cabinet order of July 11, 1843, giving you permission to give homoeopathic advice and to administer homoeopathic medicines to patients who, in single cases, apply to you from their special confidence in you,
you can in no wise derive more extended privileges for yourself than are granted even to approved physicians.
The Royal Government.
Münster, September 6, 1850.
To the Royal Councilor (Retired),
Dr. Phil. v. Boenninghausen, here.
459. I. M.