Therapeutic Pocket Book usage and rubric course.

One major issue in using a repertory is using the correct rubric to cover the symptom expressed by the patient.

This requires UNDERSTANDING of the meaning of the rubric.

tpbpwWhen Vladimir Polony and Gary Weaver updated the Therapeutc Pocket Book, there were a number of criteria implemented. We felt the following was important enough to maintain consistency throughout our work.

  • It was decided to keep the layout of Allens repertory.
  • It was decided to correct wrong remedy entries.
  • It was decided to use medical Dictionaries of the 1800s for the correct understanding of medical terms and disease names. We were surprise how different some of the rubrics in modern use were not the same as in the 1800s. 
  • It was decided to trial the rubric understanding with our Boenninghausen group in Seville Spain, to see how more accurate the rubrics choice became in case analysis.

This on line course is based on the TPB of Polony and Weaver. Available from us. 


laptop2Partakers in the online course are entitled to a discount of the retail cost of the book and the computer program.

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